University of Pittsburgh


The chapel’s walls, inside and out, are made of Indiana limestone. Their carvings follow the Gothic tradition of pictorial instruction. They are part of the plan and meaning of the building and express, as do the windows inside, the chapel’s dedication to spiritual values in education.

Outside, the insignia of some of the world’s oldest colleges and universities are carved on shields on the gables, balustrade, parapets, spandrels, and buttresses.

On the tympanum, above the main doors, the theme of spiritual values in education continues. Old Testament prophets, patriarchs, priests, and King David share space with St. Francis of Assisi, Leonardo da Vinci, Newton, Pasteur, Wordsworth, Lincoln, and Emerson.

Inside, the stone carvings include the Torah and the Bible, the New Testament beatitudes, and the shields of the twelve Apostles. The carvings often take up and extend the theme of the windows nearest them.