University of Pittsburgh

Newman Center Lecture, Daniel Michaels, Ph.D.

October 15, 2018 - 5:00pm

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Social Scholarship, Libraries and the Digital Humanities in the 21st Century
Featured speaker, Daniel Michaels, Ph.D.

We invite you to attend the Fall 2018 Newman Lecture, "Social Scholarship and Digital Humanities in the 21st Century," hosted in conjunction with Duquesne University.

The higher education environment continues to experience a period of significant global change and disruption driven by multiple factors, the most important of which is the deepening transition to a digital knowledge economy.

Established methods of working have evolved and continue to evolve, opening up new and hitherto unimagined spaces within disciplines, across disciplines, and beyond traditional boundaries. Within a rapidly shifting context, full of ambiguity and necessitating much flexibility, successful research is conducted increasingly via valued interdisciplinary collaborators and research partners across the university and beyond.

At his October 15 presentation, Daniel Michaels, Chief Technology Officer at the National Institute for Newman Studies, will discuss some of the emerging trends in scholarship and digital humanities, so as to cast an inspiring vision for how new paradigms of research can enable innovation and, even occasionally, surface unanticipated surprises.

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Hosted by The National Institute for Newman Studies

Open to the public.  Admission is free.